Poultry Science

The Department of Poultry Science employs a multidisciplinary approach to teaching, research, and extension.

History Of the Department

The Department of Poultry Science employs a multidisciplinary approach to teaching, research, and extension. One of the primary goals of the Department of Poultry Science is to provide practical exposure to stimulate academic achievement for students and to prepare them to compete and excel in a changing world. The Department of Poultry Science provides outstanding practical exposure for students, farmers, unemployed youth, women, semiliterate and the general public through the discovery, verification and dissemination of relevant, science based knowledge. Be ready “A Poultry Career is waiting for you”.

The Department of Poultry Science was established in the year 2001. Since the department was lead by Dr. S.M Mandlekar in the capacity of Associate Professor of Poultry Science till 2005. The college began offering specialized postgraduate study in the Poultry Sciences from 2002. After That, Dr. B.R Kolte is leading the Department as Professor & Head of the Department of Poultry Science From till 2015. Presently, Dr M.M. Kadam is head of department since 2015. The department has a Poultry farm with one Broiler Experimental Unit, Layer house, Hatchery unit, Feed Godown etc to cater the need of under graduate and post graduates research programme. Since inception of Maharashtra Animal and Fishery Science University in 2000, students are enrolled for master degree in the discipline of Poultry Science. The department is proud of the fact that most post graduates entered in poultry professions after successful completion of their master program. Also the Phd programme is started in department from 2015.

Faculty informations

Faculty information

Dr Mukund Kadam
Associate Professor & Head
Poultry Research & Training Center
Department of Poultry Science
Nagpur Veterinary College,
MAFSU, (M.S) 440 006
Phone:- 8888836374/8149051060

Educational Qualification
Degree Subject University/Institution Year
B.V.Sc. & A.H. All essential Parbhani Veterinary College (M.A.U) Parbhani, INDIA 1998
D.B.M Business Management Welingkars Institute of Management development & Research, Mumbai, INDIA 2000
M.V.Sc. Poultry Science Bombay Veterinary College (B.S.K.K.V) Dapoli, INDIA 2002
NET Poultry Science Recruitment Agriculture Scientist Board (A.S.R.B) New Delhi, INDIA 2005
Ph.D. Poultry Science Indian Veterinary Research Institute (I.V.R.I) Izatnagar, INDIA 2006
Post Doctorate ---- University of New England (UNE), Armidale, Australia 2012
Professional Experience
Position held Institute/Organization From To
Asstt. Professor/ Scientist College of Veterinary Science & AH, JNKVV, Jabalpur (M.P) 26/12/ 2006 05/04/08
Asstt. Professor Nagpur Veterinary College, Nagpur (M.S) 07/04/2008 - Till date
Teaching: - Involved in teaching of UG, PG and PhD
Area of Interest: - Rural Poultry Production
    Academic Information
  • Industry Project Handled :09
  • Conference/ symposium / seminar / workshop attended :10
  • Training program organized :24
  • Research paper published :30
  • Technical publications/ abstracts published in Conference/ symposium :22
  • Extension articles of technical nature :18
  • Innovative research projects & schemes handled for external funding as PI :04
  • List of postgraduate students successfully guided :10
  • List of radio and TV talks delivered : 06
  • Professional Membership :04
  • Recipient of International Travel Grant :03
  • Professional Training attended :10
  • Significant Publications :30
  • Books and Chapter Contributed :08
  • Lecture delivered as resource person :23
  • Award and Fellowship :05
 Dr. Mayura A. Gole , M.V.Sc., PhD
Assistant Professor ,
Department of Poultry Science
Nagpur Veterinary College,
Seminary Hills, Nagpur. (M.S) 400 006
Mobile: - 09421626657
Phone: +91 712- 2511402 # 209
Email- mayugolea@yahoo.co.in

Educational Background:

  • B.V.Sc & AH (1998) Bombay Veterinary College (B.S.K.K.V) Dapoli (M.S).
  • M.V.Sc (2001) Bombay Veterinary College (B.S.K.K.V) Dapoli (M.S). Awarded with Gold medal during M.V.Sc. sponsored by VH Group.
  • PhD (2019) Post Graduate Institute Of Veterinary and Animal Science Akola, MAFSU, Nagpur. (M.S).
  • Qualified ICAR National Eligibility Test (NET) examination.

Research activity and Publications:

  • National / Technical articles :21
  • Popular artical :15
  • Booklet/Leaflets :12
  • Innovative research projects & schemes handled for external funding as PI :03
  • Innovative research projects & schemes handled for external funding as Co-PI :10

Extension activity:

Training program organized :25

  • Lecture delivered as resource person :36

Radio talks delivered :15

  • TV talks delivered :03

Professional Membership:

  • Life member of Indian Poultry Science Association, CARI, Izatnagar (U.P)
  • Member of Maharashtra State Veterinary Council, MSVC, Nagpur.(M.S)
  • Life member of Indian Association of Women Veterinarians.
  • Member of World’s Poultry Science Association (India Branch) Pune (M.S)

Mob : 8439787622, 6396764180
Email ID : darshanabhaisare@gmail.com

  • Awards and Achievements
Sr. No Award/ Achievement Remark
1. Best Poster Presentation Award On topic entitled “Phytochemical analysis of four herbal seeds extract and their use in poultry ration” in Indian Poultry Science Association conference held at Hyderabad on 5 to 7thDecember 2012.
2. Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI) Institutional Fellowship Received for pursuing Ph.D. degree programme in Division of Poultry Science in 2013-2014.
3. Qualified ICAR National Eligibility Test (NET) examination 2014 in the Discipline of Poultry Science (Roll No. 1042600038).
4. Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship For the year 2014-15 for pursuing Ph.D. degree in Division of Poultry Science.
5. Dr. B.P. Madrewar Gold Medal For excellent research work in alternative Veterinary Medicine in the subject for M.V.Sc. scholar during XVIIth Convocation of TANUVAS at Madras Veterinary College, Chennai, Tamil Nadu on on 20th March 2015
6. Yuva Sanshodhak Purskar 2020 For Krushithon Yuva Sanman 2020 Purskar from Human Service Foundation and Media Exhibitors Pvt. Ltd. Nashik
  • Publications
  • Number of publications : Popular articles (Total-14)

Marathi – 05, Hindi- 07, English- 02
Abstract – 08

  • Research publication (Total – 10)
  • International Papers (03)
Sr. No Authors Journal Details
1. Bhaisare, D. B. and Thyagarajan, D., 2014. Effect of four herbal seeds on blood parameters in turkey poults International Journal of Science and Research. 3(8): 235-240. (Impact Factor 3.358)
2. Bhaisare, D. B., Thyagarajan, D., Churchil, R. R., Punniamurthy, N., 2014. Bacterial Pathogens in Chicken Meat: Review International Journal of Life Sciences Research. 2(3): 1-7. (ISSN 2348-3148)
3. M.V. Dhumal, D.B. Bhaisare, M. G. Nikam and Shivi Maini, 2016. Effect of Herbal Amino Acids in Improving Growth and Performance in Broiler Chicken International Journal of Livestock Research. 7(1): 43-53. January 17 (NAAS Score -5.36)
  • National Papers: (07)
Sr. No Authors Journal Details
1. Bhaisare, D. B.,Thyagarajan, D., Churchil, R. R., Punniamurthy, N., 2014. Phytochemical analysis of four herbal seed extract and their use in poultry ration Journal of Poultry Science and Technology. 2(2): 34-37
2. Bhaisare, D. B., Thyagarajan, D., Churchil, R. R., Punniamurthy, N., 2014. Effect of dietary supplementation of herbal seeds on carcass traits of turkey poults Veterinary World. 7(11): 938-942. (NAAS Rating - 5.1)
3. Bhaisare, D. B., Thyagarajan, D., Churchil, R. R., Punniamurthy, N., 2015. In-vitro antimicrobial efficacy of certain herbal seeds essential oils against important poultry microbes Indian Journal of Animal Research. DOI:10.18805/ijar.7089
(NAAS Rating - 6.3)
4. Gupta, S.L., Tyagi, P.K., Mandal, A.B., Tyagi, Praveen K., Rokade, J.J., Bhaisare, D.B. and Gogoi, S. 2017.Apparent metabolizable energy value of rice based dry distiller’s grains with solubles (DDGS) with or without enzyme supplementation in cockerels. Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology, 17: 493-499.
(NAAS Rating - 6.30)
5. J.J. Rokade, S.K. Bhanja, A.S. Shinde, Sajjad, Darshana B. Bhaisare and A.B. Mandal, 2017. Evaluation of aspirin (ASA) in broiler chicken during hot dry summer using zoo technical, molecular and physio-biochemical tools Indian Journal of Animal Research. DOI:10.18805/ijar.v0iOF.6836
(NAAS Rating - 6.3)
6. Aswathi, P.B., Bhanja, S.K., Puneet Kumar, Shyamkumar, T.S., Manish Mehra, Bhaisare Darshana B. and Pradeepta Kumar Rath, 2018. Effect of acute heat stress on the physiological and reproductive parameters of broiler breeder hens - A study under controlled thermal stress. Indian Journal of Animal Research DOI: 10.18805/ijar.B-3641.
(NAAS Rating - 6.3)
7. Pinky Roy, M.M. Kadam, S.K. Bhanja, N.V. Kurkure, D.B. Bhaisare, J.J. Rokade and K.K. Khose, 2020. Welfare and performance of commercial laying hens in conventional California cages at different stocking densities. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences, 90(9): 63 - 67.
(NAAS Rating - 6.28)
  • Area of Expertise/ Research: Poultry Nutrition
  • Completed Research Projects: As s Co-PI
Sr. No Title of Project Sponsoring Agency Total Outlay
1. Comparative efficacy evaluation of Methiorep & synthetic Methionine in improving growth and performance in broilers Ayurvet Limited Post Baddi, Village Katha Distt. Solan, H.P. Rs. 1 Lakh
2. Efficacy of Herbal Supplement on Egg Production Ayurvet Limited Post Baddi, Village Katha Distt. Solan, H.P. Rs. 1 Lakh
3. Establishment of training and demonstration centre on commercial poultry farming under MAFSU Rashtriy Krushi Vikas Yojana, Government of Maharshtra, Mumbai Rs. 153.57/- Lakh
  • Ongoing Research projects: NIL

Professional affiliation:

  • Life member of Veterinary Council of India, New Delhi, India.
  • Life member of Maharashtra State Veterinary Council, Nagpur, India.
  • Life member of Indian Poultry Science Association, CARI, Izatngar, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, India.
  • Member of Worlds Poultry Science Association, Pune, Maharashtra, India.
  • Life member of Animal Nutrition Association, IVRI, Izatnagar, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Vision / Mission of the Department

The Department of Poultry Science provides a multidisciplinary approach for teaching, research and extension service to the poultry industry as well budding poultry farmers.

  • To provide Poultry sciences education for undergraduates and post graduates students
  • To conduct applied research in poultry science in collaboration with industry as well government bodies for the betterment of poultry industry.
  • Provide technical services to the trainee, farmer and unemployed youths who possess interest in poultry farming.
  • Promote rearing of other avian species than chicken as a business. Our overall goal is to be recognized nationally and internationally as the leading center in poultry research, education and extension activity.

Course offered / Conducted by the department

Course offered/Conducted by the department

Under-graduation (B.V.Sc. & A.H.)
Courses as per New VCI
Livestock Production Management THEORY

Unit No Topic No of Lectures Conducted by the Department
Unit-6 Poultry Production Management 22 Poultry Science
Unit-7 Diversified Poultry Production and Hatchery Management 12 Poultry Science

Unit – 6
Title :Poultry Production Management
Total Theory Lectures: 22

S. N.
1 Indian poultry industry - Brief outline of the different segments - poultry statistics Classification of poultry with respect to production characters, age and standards
2 Production characters of other avian species
3 Description of indigenous fowls and their value in rural farming. Specific strains developed for rural poultry production; their acceptability and
importance in rural eco-system
4 Housing - Types of poultry houses - space requirements. Recent advances in housing systems and rearing systems.
5 Scavenging system of management - Low input technology - Backyard and semi-intensive units; their management and economic achievements.
6 Deep litter management - control of litter-borne diseases and recycling of litter.
7 Brooding management - Types of brooders - preparation of shed - Importance of environmental factors
8 Cage management - Different types; Advantages and disadvantages.
9 Management of growers
10 Management of layers.
11 Management of broilers
12 Management of breeders.
13 Stress management, Water management
14 Feeding management - Classification of nutrients
15 Nutrient requirements and feed formulations.
16 Feeding systems - Feed restrictions - phase feeding - Additives and supplements.
17 Breeding systems and methods of mating. Breeding for specific characters and for hybrid chicken production.
18 Selection and culling. Poultry judging. Egg structure - Physical and chemical composition.
19 Common poultry diseases : Bacterial and viral diseases, Coccidiosis
20 Common poultry diseases : Metabolic and Deficiency diseases
21 Bio-security and principles of disease prevention management.
22 Health care for common poultry diseases - vaccination. General principles of poultry

Unit – 7
Title :Diversified Poultry Production And Hatchery Management
Total Theory Lectures: 12

S. N. Topic
1 Principles of incubation, Hatchery management practices
2 Factors affecting fertility and hatchability
3 Selection and care of hatching eggs and Hatchery hygiene, Candling, sexing, grading, packing and disposal of hatchery waste.
4 Economics of hatchery business - Troubleshooting hatchery failures - Computer applications in hatchery management
5 Poultry waste management, Pollution and environmental issues
6 Organic and hill farming
7 Mixed or integrated poultry farming, Vertical & horizontal integration in commercial poultry production - Contract farming
8 Export import of poultry produce and marketing
9 Management of Ducks
10 Management of Japanese quails
11 Management of Turkeys
12 Management of Geese and Guinea fowls


Unit No Topic No of Lectures Conducted by the Department
Unit-5 Poultry Production Management 11 Poultry Science
Unit-6 Incubation and Hatchery Management 6 Poultry Science

Unit – 5
Title :Poultry Production Management
Total Practicals: 11

S. N.
1 Common breeds of poultry, different classes
2 Indian chickens and other avian species breeds
3 Digestive and respiratory system of chicken., Male and female reproductive system - Egg structure, physical and chemical composition, Quality changes in egg during storage
4 Economic traits of broilers. Economic traits of egg-type chicken and breeders. AI in poultry
5 Housing and design of a poultry farm, Automization in poultry farms (EC house)
6 Poultry farm equipment and their classification
7 Brooding arrangement in broiler farms
8 Poultry feed ingredients and its quality assessment. Poultry feed preparations
9 Calculation of different economic indices of broiler farm. Calculation of economic
indices of layer farm
10 Fundamentals in poultry Post-mortem examination for sample collection. Collection and dispatch of samples for PM examination.
11 Management during Summer, Winter and Rainy season.

Unit – 6
Title :Incubation And Hatchery Management
Total Practicals: 06

S. N. Topic
1 Hatchery layout and design.
2 Project report for establishing a broiler farm.
3 Project report for establishing a layer farm.
4 Project report for establishing a breeder farm.
5 Visit to commercial poultry farms or hatchery or feed mill.
6 Visit to farms of other avian species.


First Semester
 1  PSC/602  Poultry Nutrition & Feeding 2+1=3
2 PSC/603 Commercial Layer Production 2+1=3
3 PSC/604 Commercial Broiler Production 2+1=3
4 PSC/609 Physiology of Poultry Production 2+1=3
  Total 8+4=12
Second Semester
1. PSC/601 Poultry Breeding & Genetics 2+1=3
2. PSC/607 Poultry Products Technology & Marketing 2+1=3
3. PSC/608 Poultry Economics, Project & Marketing 2+1=3
  Total 6+3=9
Third Semester
1. PSC/605 Breeder Stock, Flock Health & Hatchery Management 3+1=4
2. PSC/691 Master’s Seminar 1+0=1
3. PSC/606 Management of Poultry other than Chicken 2+1=3
  Total :6+2=8
Fourth Semester
1. PSC/625  Research  0+15=15
Minor Subjects
1   Animal Genetics & Breeding  
2   Animal Nutrition  
3   Livestock Products Technology  
4   Livestock Production & Management  
Optional or Supplementary Courses
1 PGS/501 Library & Information Services 0+1=1
2 PGS/502 Technical Writing & Communication Skills 0+1=1
3 PGS/503 Intellectual Property & its Management 1+0=1
4 PGS/503 Disaster Management 1+0=1
  Total :2+2=4


Semester Course No. Course Title Credit Hrs
Major Field:
I Semester PSC - 701 Applied Poultry Nutrition 2+1=03
PSC - 702 Concepts in Commercial Poultry Production 2+1=03
II Semester PSC - 704 Emerging Disease of Poultry and Flock Health 2+1=03
PSC - 705 Advanced Poultry Breeding Methods 2+1=03
III Semester PSC-706 Poultry Economics, Marketing and Integration 2+1=03
PSC-791 Doctoral Seminar 1+0=01
IV Semester PSC - 703 Developments in Poultry Products Technology 2+1=03
PSC - 792 Doctoral Seminar - II (Major) 1+0=01
V Semester PSC -799 Doctoral Research 0+12=12
VI Semester PSC -799 Doctoral Research 0+12=12
VII Semester PSC -799 Doctoral Research 0+12=12
VIII Semester PSC -799 Doctoral Research 0+9=09
    Total credits 14+51=65

Departmental Research Activity


Research conducted in the Department of Poultry Science has three primary functions:

  • Add to the base of scientific knowledge,
  • Provide opportunities for appropriate postgraduate degree programmer
  • Provide information that will be useful to the poultry industry & rural farmer in Vidarbha region.

These research programs encompass the following general areas:

  • Nutrition
  • Physiology (growth and reproduction)
  • Post Harvest Technology
  • Disease aspect
  • Management

The list of students and their thesis work since the establishment of the Department of Poultry Science.

Sr No
Title Name of scholar Name of
Advisor/ Guide
01 Replacement of maize by sorghum (Jowar) in layer chick mash. Dr. V.N. Pal Dr. S.M Mandlekar 2004
02 Effect of supplementation of ashwagandha & ascorbic acid (as an antistress agents) on broiler performance during hot weather. Dr. S.S Jadhav Dr. S.M. Mandlekar 2005
03 Modulation of cholesterol concentration in chicken eggs through dietry herbal supplement of allium sativum in commercial layers Dr. R.C Shendre Dr. S.M. Mandlekar 2006
04 Effect of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and levamisole on performance of broilers. Dr. A. B Rajput Dr. B.R Kolte 2007
05 Modulation of cholesterol concentration in egg through dietary supplementation of organic chromium in commercial layers. Dr. J. M.Chandankhede Dr. B.R Kolte 2008
06 Effect of Antibiotic and Multivitamines Administration at day old stage of growth Dr. M.K.Mendhe Dr.M.M.Kadam 2009
07 Effect of dietary calcium levels on performance of white leghorn layers at low phosphorus diet Dr. V.M.Khandagle Dr.M.M.Kadam 2010
08 Comparative study of exogenous emulsifier or lipase on growth performance of commercial broiler chickens Dr. A. Mishra Dr.M. M. Kadam 2011
09 Comparative study of hatchling supplements (fruits) on growth performance of commercial broilers chicken during summer season Dr. M. Talib Dr. M. A. Gole 2012
10 Effect of hard water on egg production and egg quality characteristics of commercial white leghorn chicken Dr. Priti. M. Walke Dr. M. A. Gole 2012
11 Effect of supplementation of glycerol through drinking water on performance of commercial broilers Dr. A. S. Shambharkar Dr. M. A. Gole 2012
12 Study of protein requirements in commercial cockerels Dr. Shanu. Tandekar Dr. M. A. Gole 2012
13 Study of energy levels in the diet of commercial cockerels Dr. J. S. Mahore Dr. M. A. Gole


14 Partial replacement of soybean meal with roasted guar korma (cyamopsis tetragonoloba) in broiler chicken diet” Dr. D. A. Ramteke Dr.M. M. Kadam


15 Efficacy of Bacillus Subtilis (GalliPro) supplementation in Clostridium perfringens challenged necrotic enteritis of broiler chicken Dr. Deepak. S. Koli Dr.M. M. Kadam


Departmental Research Activity
Agency funded Schemes of deparment


Title of Scheme

Sponsoring Agency


Principal Investigator

01 “To study the efficacy of AV/NNC/17 on broiler growth performance, immunity & gut development” AYURVET
Baddi (H.P.)
2009 Dr. M. M. Kadam
02 “Efficacy Evaluation Studies of some Herbal Products on Growth, Productivity & Egg Shell Quality In Layer” AYURVET
Baddi (H.P.)
2009 Dr. M. M. Kadam
03 “Efficacy of Evaluation of herbal product in layers” AYURVET
Baddi (H.P.)
2009 Dr. M. M. Kadam
04 “Efficacy of NICOMETH for replacing synthetic methionine in commercial broiler diet” AYURVET
Baddi (H.P.)
2009 Dr. M. M. Kadam
05 “Effect of herbal preparation(AV/HLP/16) on egg yolk Cholesterol and Serum Profile Commercial Layers” Piramal Health Care, Mumbai 2009 Dr. M. M. Kadam
06 “Effect of Exogenous Emulsifier on growth performance in commercial broilers” Polchem, Pune 2011 Dr. M. M. Kadam
07 To assess the binding efficacy of various commericial mycotoxin binders in broilers” Jubilant Life Sciences, Noida 2012 Dr.M.A.Gole
08 “Performance of Broiler Chicken Fed Bacillus Based Probiotic With Antibiotic Under Summer Stress Condition Evonik Pvt ltd, Singapore 2013   Dr. M. M. Kadam
09 Evaluation ofBacillusSpecies as Potential Probiotic in
Clostridium PerfringensChallenged commercial Broiler Chicken
Evonik Pvt ltd, Singapore 2014   Dr. M. M. Kadam

Efficacy of herbal supplement on egg production

Baddi (H.P.)
2016 Dr. M. M. Kadam
11 Feed additive effect of
curcumin on growth performance in commercial broiler chicken
Ramon Vila, Laboratorios Karizoo SA Barcelona (Spain) 2018 Dr. M. M. Kadam
12 Evaluation of lysombicas potential feed supplements for growth performance and gut developmentinbroiler birds Alembic Pharmaceutical, Ltd Mumbai 2019 Dr. M. M. Kadam

National Project funded by State/Central Govt of India

01 “Role of Early Chick Nutrition on Growth Performance, Gastrointestinal Tract Development and Immune Competence in Commercial Broiler Chicken” Department Of Science and Technology, New Delhi Rs. 14,11200/ - 2009 - 2012 Dr. M. M. Kadam
02 Sustainable Tribal livelihood through scientific backyard poultry rearing in Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra ICAR, New Delhi Rs. 73.00 Lakh 2012 - 13 to 2013 - 14 Dr. Kadam M.M
03 Establishment of Training and Demonstration Centre on commercial Poultry Farming under MAFSU RKVY, State Govt of Maharashtra Mumbai Rs.155 Crore 2014 - 15 to 2016 - 17 Dr. Kadam M.M

Departmental Extension Activity

Extension Activity of Department

  • The department is conducting short term training programs for farmers, unemployed youth, semiliterate youth, women etc


Charges (may change time to time)

Broiler farming-A profitable business


Rs. 2500/-

  • The department is engaged in arranging the expert lectures on diversified poultry production for students and staff
  • The department staff is actively participate in Radio talk and TV talk.
  • Disease diagnosis is done with collaboration of the department of Veterinary Pathology by post-mortem examinations and the expert advice is also given to undertake treatment and management changes.

Technical Consultancy

  • The department gives technical services to the needy farmers by providing timely guidance to solve the day-to-day problems.
  • The department gives technical guide line to the farmers to establish a small scale poultry farm (Project report)

Lab Photos

Any other relevant Information of the department


PRTC is a renowned center in India. It was established in the year 1961 on a small scale. Major expansion of the PRTC happened in 2009. Currently the PRTC has the capacity for producing eggs, broiler and quails. However the vision is to give practical exposure to undergraduate and post graduate students of Department of poultry Science to cater the need of industry and rural poultry.

The Poultry Research and Training Center (PRTC) is located near futala lake, Telangkhedi, Nagpur. Approximate distance of PRTC is 1.6 km away from the Nagpur Veterinary college campus.

The PRTC provide facility for teaching, research and extension activity. Moreover it involved in training program especially for unemployed youth, women and farmers.