Key dates for 2020 and 2021

History Of the Department

PG and PhD courses are being offered since 2002 and Twenty one M.V.Sc. and three Ph.D. students have successfully completed their degree programme.

Faculty informations

Dr. Madhuri. S. Hedau
M.V. Sc., Ph. D.
Assistant professor, Department of Pathology, NVC, Nagpur


Co- investigator 

  • Government funded scheme “Prevalence of Trypanosomiasis in rodents and rodent fleas and zoonotic aspect of the disease and possible vectors involved in transmission of disease to human beings” as Livestock Development Officer in State Govt. at Maregaon, Chandrapur District, Maharashtra.
  • Evaluation of acute toxicity study of some Ayurvet research products
  • Efficacy evaluation of herbal preperations on the performance of broiler chickens during heat stress.


  • Honorary contributing author for technical magazine in local language Marathi “Baliraja”, “RCF shetipatrika” and “Krushipatrika”
  • Published 25 popular articles in marathi language for farmers.
  • Participated in various Agricultural Exhibitions
  • Organized demonstration work of Dharmala Swatchhata in villages of Akola district in collaboration with ATMA, Akola.
  • Conducted Farmers Awareness Programmes in Akola District
  • Worked as Resourse person for Women Self Help Groups carried out by Reliance Foundation in two villages of Akola district.
  • Lectures delivered in various poultry and goat training programmes:20
  • Radio Talks : 04


2019 Best poster presentation award at National workshop, BAIF Development Research Foundation, Pune

2019 Best paper publication in Toxicopathology by World Research Council

Professional Memberships

  • Life member of ‘Indian Association of Veterinary pathologists’
  • Life member of ‘The Indian Society of Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology
  • Life member of ‘Indian Association of Women Veterinarian’
  • Life member of  ‘Indian Association for the Advancement of Veterinary Research’

No. of Publications: 32

Participation in Symposiums/Conferences: 11

Other Activities

  • Developed teaching aids for undergraduate and post graduate students.
  • Developed computer based tutorials for teaching of Veterinary Pathology.
  • Member of advisory committee of the students from disciplines: Pathology, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Microbiology, Surgery and Radiology, Animal Nutrition

Megha P.  Kaore
MVSc., Ph.D
Assistant Professor


Principle Investigtor:

  1. Evaluation of coccidiostat (Chronicox) in broilers and its comparison with standard coccidiostat

Co- Investigator:

  1. NAE project Centre for Zoonoses
  2. Evaluation of efficacy of Selisseo on growth performance and immune functions of commercial broilers
  3. Expoliting encapsulated nanaparticle conjugated phytochemicals to combat antimicrobial resistance in poultry


  1. Delivering lectures in various extension training programmes organized for farmers.
  2. Published four popular article in marathi language for farmers


2012  Recipient of Dr. Krishnarao Anand Gowardhan silver medal of MAFSU, Nagpur

2015  Dr.  S. Damodaran Award for the best case report of oncology  in  Indian Journal of  Veterinary Pathology

2019  Young Scientist Award of Indian Association of Veterinary Pathology at Aizawl, Mizoram

2019  First prize of Indian College of Veterinary Pathology for best case presentation at National conference of Indian Association of Veterinary Pathology, Aizawl, Mizoram


  1. Indian Association of Veterinary Pathologits
  2. Society of toxicologic pathology (India)
  3. Association of Avian Health Professionals
  4. Worlds Poultry Science Association (IB)
  5. World Veterinary Poultry Association (IB)


No of Publications : 15
Papers sent for publication : 2
List popular articles published : 4



Immunohistochemistry (IHC)
Fluoroscent antibody test (FAT)
Isolation and identification of causative agent (Viruses, Bacteria and Fungi)
Immunoserology – HA, HI, PHA, STAT, AGID, CIEP, ELISA
Molecular techniques – PCR, PFGE
Tissue & cell culture


Developed teaching aids for undergraduate and post graduate students.

Member of advisory committee of the students from disciplines: – Surgery, Veterinary public health, Livestock products and technology, Microbiology, Poultry Science

Achievements of the Department


Completed Research schemes/projects

  • ICAR Adhoc research scheme “To study the pathogenesis of Listeria monocytogenes in poultry and standardization of standard immunodiagnostics tests”
  • DBT project on “Epidemiological studies on Classical Swine Fever in Central India & Goa”


Ongoing research schemes
DBT network project on Brucellosis

Standardization of nucleic acid based diagnostics for livestock and avian diseases. (Listeriosis, Theileriosis, Trypanosomiasis, Pasturellosis, Swine fever, RD, CAV etc.)

Vision / Mission of the Department


  • Research in re-emerging diseases of livestock and poultry
  • To identify variants of local viral and bacterial strains for effective development of vaccine with the help of other disciplines
  • Immunohistochemical characterization of canine tumors
  • Disease investigation related to wild life and fish

Course offered / Conducted by the department


Sr. No. Course No. Course Title Semester/Year
1 MSVE 2016 Veterinary Pathology II year


Sr. No. Course No. Course Title Credits
1 VPP-601 General Pathology 2+1=3
2 VPP-602 Techniques in pathology 1+1=2
3 VPP-603 Animal oncology 1+1=2
4 VPP-604 Clinical Pathology 1+2=3
5 VPP-605 Necropsy procedure and interpretation - I 0+1=1
6 VPP-606 Necropsy procedure & interpretation-II 0+1=1
7 VPP-607 Systemic pathology 2+1=3
8 VCP-608 Pathology of infectious diseases of domestic animals 2+1=3
9 VPP-609 Toxicopathology 2+1=3
10 VPP-610 Avian Pathology 2+1=3
11 VPP-611 Pathology of lab animals, fish and wild animals 2+1=3
12 VCP-612 Veterolegal Pathology 1+0=1
13 VPP-691 Masters Seminar 1+0=1
14 VPP-699 Masters Research 20


Sr. No. Course No. Course Title Semester/Year
1 VPP-702 Advances in Toxicopathology 2+1=3
2 VPP-703 Advances in diagnostic pathology 1+2=3
3 VPP-705 Immunopathology 2+1=3
4 VPP-707 Advances in Avian Pathology 2+1=3
5 VPP-710 Experimental Pathology 1+1=2
6 VPP-791 Masters Seminar - I 1+0=1
7 VPP-792 Masters Seminar - II 1+0=1
8 VPP-799 Masters Research 40

Departmental Research Activity

Completed Doctoral Research and Master’s degree research,
Department of Pathology,

Doctoral Research

Sr. No.
Title of Thesis Name of Student Name of Guide Year
1 Pathology of aflatoxicosis in broilers Dr. A. G. Ganorkar Dr. D. L. Paikne 2001
2 A study on pathology of ochratoxicosis in broilers Dr. N. V. Kurkure Dr. D. L. Paikne 2003
3 Pathological conditions in fresh water fish in Eastern Vidarbha region. Dr. Mrs. K. A. Sirothia Dr. P. S. Lonkar 2008

Master’s degree Research

Sr. No. Title of Thesis Name of Student Name of Guide Year
1 Effect of Boerhaavia diffusa Linn and Butea frondosa Koen in experimental ochratoxicosis of broilers. Dr. Febi Thomas Dr. A. G. Bhandarkar 2004
2 Pathology of experimentally induced T- 2 Toxicosis in broilers Dr. Vivek Pande Dr. N. V. Kurkure 2005
3 Ovarian pathology of Nagpuri buffalo under rural conditions Dr. Shirish Narnaware Dr. Mrs. K. A. Sirothia 2005
4 Experimental Nimesulide Toxicity in Poultry Dr. Ganjanan Tiple Dr. A. G. Ganorkar 2006
5 Toxicopathology of some Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflamatory Drugs in Cockrels Dr. Madhuri Hedau Dr. A. G. Bhandarkar 2007
6 Effect of Chromium Supplementation in Broilers Dr. Sachin Raut Dr. A. G. Ganorkar 2008
7 Effect of Plumbago zeylanica during experimental lead toxicity in rats Dr. Kailash Ingle Dr. Mrs. K. A. Sirothia 2008
8 Meloxicam toxicity in Wistar rats and ameliorative effect ofOcimum sanctum Dr. Mahaprabhu Dr. A. G. Bhandarkar 2009
9 Toxicological and genotoxic effects of acrylamide toxicity in Wistar rats Dr. Babulal Jangir Dr. N. V. Kurkure 2009
10 Toxicocpathological effects of acrylamide and ameliorative effect of vitamin C in male Wistar rats Dr. Santosh Rahangdale Dr. N. V. Kurkure 2010
11 Toxicopathology of monosodium glutamate in male Wistar rats Dr. Vasudha Kadam Dr. Mrs. K. A. Sirothia 2010
12 Micro and nano-zinc particulate subacute toxicity in male wistar rats Dr. Baijnath Prajapati Dr. N. V. Kurkure 2011
13 Sub-acute toxicopathology of monosodium glutamate in female wistar rats Dr. Vandana Hedau Dr. Mrs. Kirti Sirothia 2011
14 Pathogenecity and molecular characterization of Newcastle disease virus encountered in and around Nagpur Dr. Megha Kaore Dr. A. G. Bhandarkar 2012
15 Immunohistochemical characterisation of mammary gland tumors in dogs Dr. Chintamani Chavan Dr. N. V. Kurkure 2012
16 Etio-pathological studies on Chicken Infectious Anemia Dr. Bhupesh Kamdi Dr. A. G. Bhandarkar 2013
17 Assessment of cytokine expression inListeria monocytogenes challenged mice Dr. Pankaj Kulurkar Dr. N. V. Kurkure 2013
18 Pathology ofSalmonella enteriachallenge infection in broilers and it’s amelioration byBacillus subtilis supplementation Dr. Sachin Raut Dr. N. V. Kurkure 2014
19 Effect ofBacillus subtilis as probiotic on pathology ofClostridium perfringens in broiler Dr. Rahul Pande Dr. A. G. Bhandarkar 2014
20 Effect ofBacillus subtilis as probiotic on pathology of E. coli in broiler Dr. Rahul Kale Dr. P. M. Sonkusale 2015
21 Effect ofCurcuma longa on experimental ochratoxicosis in male rats Dr. Priyanka Pal Dr. N. V. Kurkure 2015
22 Assesment of cytokine expression of mice challenged with Listeria monocytogenes Dr. Nitish Joat Dr. N. V. Kurkure 2016
23 Effect of Bascillus subtilis as a probiotic on pathology of Emeria infections in broilers Dr. Dinesh Paynkara Dr. P. M. Sonkusale 2016
24 Toxicopathological study of melamine in broilers Dr. Deesha Uke Dr. Mrs. K. A. Sirothia 2016
25 Detection ofTheileria annulata in cattle using PCR and ELISA Dr. Sidharth Jamgade Dr. N. V. Kurkure 2017
26 Pathology and diagnosis ofTheilria annulata andTheileria orientalis in buffaloes Dr. Pratik Ingle Patil Dr. P. M. Sonkusale 2017
27 Characterization of cancer stem cells from canine mammary gland tumors and its correlation with metastatic markers Dr. Pankaj Gaokar Dr. N. V. Kurkure 2018
28 Evaluation of anti-cancer activity ofTinospora cordifolia on induced tumor in mice Dr. Noopur Halmare Dr. N. V. Kurkure 2018
29 Effect ofTinospora cordifolia on Infectious Bursal Disease virus induced pathology in cockerels Dr. Akshay Chavan Dr. P. M. Sonkusale 2019
30 Anti-cancer activity ofTinospora cordifolia on induced mammary tumor in mice Dr. Seema Shinde Dr. N. V. Kurkure 2019

Departmental Extension Activity


  • Providing technical services to poultry and livestock framers by performing diagnostic post-mortem and technical advice
  • Poultry Farmers of Nagpur region facing the outbreaks of Necrotic enteritis, Raniket disease and Gangrenous Dermatitis associated with Chicken Infectious Anemia. The problem was diagnosed and necessary changes in treatment and vaccination schedule has been suggested by the Department of Pathology to minimize the mortality in the region
  • Pig owners of Nagpur region facing the problem of mortality during and after transportation in pigs. The mortality was found to be due to Salmonellosis and Hemorrhagic septicemia. The framers are also educated to vaccinate their animals with Swine Fever vaccine regularly along with regular deworming practices which has increase the survivability of pigs eventually benefitted the farmers

Lab Photos

Any other relevant Information of the department

Scientific papers published by Departmental faulty

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